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La Casa Burger, Hong Kong, Burger Restaurant, Sheung Wan, Bonham Strand, Salad, BBQ Chicken
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​Skip "Bun" Salad Set 

For all burger items, you may skip the bun and turn them into salad


Beef & Cheddar

Beef Patty

with Medium Cheddar Cheese



Sirloin & Truffle Mozzarella

Sliced Beef Sirloin with Mozzarella Cheese, Truffle Sauce & Wild Mushroom



Pork & Fontina

Roast Pork Belly with Fontina Cheese, Apple Chutney, Honey & Mustard 



Portobello & Feta 

Grilled Portobello with Feta Cheese, Walnut & Baby Spinach



Fish & Thai Salsa

Deep Fried Fish in Breadcrumb with Thai Salsa Sauce



Chicken & Sichuan Mala

Chicken Steak with Carrot, Cucumber Peanut & Sichuan-style Mala Sauce


Combo with Snacks and Drinks

Choose 1

Fries / Wedges (with Ketchup)

Tomato & Cheese Salad

Chicken Wings

(Original Flavour) (2 pcs)

with soft drinks / coffee

UPGRADE Combo with Snacks and Drinks

Choose 1

Fries / Wedges Special

(Cajun / Truffle Mayo / Double Cheese)

Chicken Karaage (4 pcs)

Italian Beef Meatball (4 pcs)

Chicken Wings Special (2pcs)

(Thai Sauce / Mala / Cajun / Pamasen)

with soft drinks / coffee

UPGRADE Drink to

Ice-cream Milkshake (Chocolate / Vanilla)

/Ice Cream Coffee Frape /

Ginger Grapefruit Soda + $25

Craft Beer / Cider +$40

Extra Toppings


Fried Egg / Cheddar Cheese 

+$10 Each

Bacon +$15 Each


120g Beef Patty +$35 /

Deep Fried Fish +$30 /

Portobello Mushroom +$20

Place an order

(Kowloon Bay) : 35655708 / 3705 2418

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