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The burger boom in Hong Kong has been prevailing for a long time. Large chain stores or small local shops sell different types of burgers. Among them, La Casa Burger & Pasta, a local brand located in Sheung Wan, uses creativity to combine different ingredients to create a variety of unique burgers that cannot be seen commonly in the market. Burger lovers around the corner or from far away are attracted by their burgers. This year, La Casa Burger & Pasta launches a brand-new cheese-focused burger dishes, which is bound to set off a craze for cheese and burger lovers!

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‘CHEESE’ burger

In recent years, there has been a cheese craze in the market. Whether it is burgers, sandwiches, instant noodles, laksa or fried chicken, they all love to use cheese as a selling point. However, most of them just use cheese as a gimmick, and don't pay much attention to the cheese they use, and whether the cheese matches the ingredients.


La Casa founder and chef Tom Hui Chun Wai boldly experimented by using different types of cheese, including Mozzarella Cheese, Fontina Cheese and Feta Cheese, etc. to create dishes and sauces, so as to highlight the characteristics and aromas of each cheese.


Tom pointed out that, "Most of the burger restaurants mainly use Cheddar cheese for making dishes, but I will match different kinds of cheeses according to the characteristics of the meat and the strength of the sauce, so that each burger has its own unique flavour.

Some cheeses are like Fontina cheese which is less common in Hong Kong is used to bring new cheese flavors to everyone.” In addition, Thai and Sichuan-style burgers have also been added to the La Casa menu, in fulfilling the combination of the essence of Western burgers and Asian cuisine.

Cheese Expert 

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La Casa’s new menu uses different types of cheese, including Fontina Cheese, Feta Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese and Cheddar Cheese. The chef hopes to highlight the characteristic of each burger with the flavor and taste of various cheeses, so that diners can enjoy the new favor.

Perfect Match with Beer


Beer and burgers are the best match. Thin slice sirloin burger and the classic cheeseburger are more flavorful burgers, so it is recommended to go with a refreshing Lager. The refreshing grilled Portobello mushroom burger matches with sweet cider.

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