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【Chef’s Special】 Aglio Olio with Prawn 大蝦香蒜橄欖油手工意粉🍝

Aglio Olio 形容為全球最簡單的意粉,它源自意大利南部拿坡里,據說意大利人每當甚麼材料也沒有的時候,便會煮這意粉。用料非常簡單,只有蒜頭、辣椒、橄欖油和番芫荽。不過其香濃的蒜香,卻讓人食過返尋味。

(Limited Special)

Aglio Olio is described as the simplest spaghetti in the world. It originated from Napoli in southern Italy. It’s ingredients are very simple, which are garlic, chili, olive oil with cilantro. However, its garlic fragrant and spiciness would spike your appetite!

A La Carte: $78

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