[Vegetarian Trend] Slim and healthy 3 best vegetarian burgers【素食大潮流】瘦身又健康 3款最強素漢堡推介

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

要養生? 除了常聽說的少油少鹽少糖,近年來素食生活亦愈來愈普及。何謂素食? 素食是一種主要進食蔬果及穀物類食物,並戒絕肉食的飲食方式。加入素食行列的人有的是為了宗教信仰,有的是認為素食能夠令其身體健康。無論是甚麼理由也好,素食的好處真是不少。大部份素食食品含有豐富膳食纖維,進食後容易產生飽肚感,繼而可以控制食量, 幫助保持適中的體重。 To maintain health? In addition to the commonly heard of less oil, salt and sugar, vegetarian life has become more and more popular in recent years. What is a vegetarian diet? A vegetarian diet is a diet that mainly eats fruits, vegetables and grains, and abstains from meat. Some people who join the ranks of vegetarians are religious believers, and some believe that vegetarianism can make them healthy. Whatever the reason, there are so many benefits of being vegetarian. Most vegetarian foods are rich in dietary fiber, which makes it easy to feel full after eating, which in turn can control food intake and help maintain a moderate weight.

素食更可減輕腸胃的負擔,植物性食物從進入胃中至排出體外,只需要三、四個小時,肉類卻需要至少十二小時以上。此外,現今都市人都偏向進食多添加劑和色素的食物,如果我們可以多吃蔬菜、水果、豆腐等素食,就能遠離「四高一低」的風險 - 脂肪高、糖份高、油脂高、鹽份高、纖維低。


Vegetarian food can also reduce the burden on the intestines and stomach. It only takes 3-4 hours for plant foods to enter the stomach and be excreted from the body, while meat takes at least 12 hours. In addition, nowadays urban people tend to eat foods with many additives and pigments. If we can eat more vegetarian food such as vegetables, fruits, tofu, etc., we can avoid the risks of "four highs and one low"-high fat, high in sugar, high cholesterol, high in salt, low in fiber.

The popularization of vegetarian food has added a variety of vegetarian options to the market. Even the hamburger, which has always been the most popular choice for meat lovers, has also introduced vegetarian hamburgers, giving consumers a healthy choice. Here are some popular veggie burger options on the market:

1. 未來肉漢堡(Impossible Meat Burger) – 未來肉是由植物製成的全素食品。由於其賣相和口感與真肉十分相似,配上新鮮番茄、生菜和純素麵包,令消費者完全感覺不到其分別,促使未來肉漢堡火速席捲市場。 1. Impossible Meat Burger - Impossible Meat Burger is a vegan food made from plants. Because its appearance and taste are very similar to real meat, consumers will not feel the difference at all when it is served with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and vegan bread. Impossible Meat Burger is prompted to sweep the market rapidly.