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【啤酒配漢堡】Heroes Craft Beer

洛神花小麥啤ABV 5.1%:酒色粉紅、泡沫豐富綿密、帶點西柚、檸檬香味、最適合夏天解渴。(上面)(最佳配搭:炸魚牛油果醬漢堡)

果香草香的美式IPA.ABV 6.2%:帶有花香、檸檬香的氣味、令人一試難忘,完美結合。(下面)(最佳配搭:經典芝士漢堡、西冷漢堡)

Hangry Donut AVB 5.1%:the citrusy hop aroma matches perfectly with the hibiscus to create a thirst-quenching raspberry sherbet summer beer. (Left) (perfect match for Fish & Guacamole Burger)

Cereusly IPA AVB 6.2%. with floral, lemon scent. It is worth to try. Perfect combination(Right)(perfect match for Classic Beef Cheeseburger, Beef Sirloin Burger)

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