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Premium Burger Set
Fresh Pasta Set
"Skip Bun" Salad Set
Meals for Sharing
Snack & Drink

Burger & Pasta Set for 20 persons


Chicken & Apple Salad雞肉蘋果沙律**


Fries (Choose 1):

French Fries with Cheese 芝士薯條**


Potato Wedge 香脆薯角**


Burger (in halves) (Choose 2):  (total : 20 pcs half)

Classic Beef Cheeseburger 經典芝士漢堡

Fish & Guacamole Burger 炸魚牛油果醬漢堡

BBQ Chicken Burger 燒烤醬雞扒漢堡

Portobello Mushroom & Feta Cheese Burger 大啡菇漢堡

150g Angus Beef Sirloin Burger 150g 安格斯西冷 漢堡 +$100


Pasta (Choose 2):

Truffle Mushroom Fettuccine with Cream Sauce黑松露野菌濶條麵**

Smoked Salmon Linguini with Cream Sauce 煙三文魚忌廉扁意粉**

Beef Meatball Spaghetti 意大利肉丸意大利粉**

Teriyaki Pork Linguini 日式豬肉扁意粉**

Chicken & Mushroom Penne with Cherry Tomato Sauce 雞肉野菌車厘茄長通粉**

Snack (Choose 3):

Chicken Karaage 日式炸雞 (20 pcs)

Panko Fried Shrimp脆炸蝦棒 (20 pcs)

Italian Beef Meatball 意式肉丸 (40 pcs)

Crispy Chicken Wings 香脆雞翼 (20 pcs)


Chocolate & Vanilla Cream Puff 朱古力忌廉泡芙 (40 pcs)


Soft Drinks: 

Options: Coke / Coke Zero / Sprite / Soda Water

Bottled Beer: Tsing Tao, Corona or Stella + $20 / Heroes Canned Beer +$30

(Plus $10 per head for both options)


**tray size: 25cm x 32cm (approx. 4-6 lb)

Pricing: $1,928

Additional guest: $90 each

-Free delivery in Sheung Wan, Central & Kowloon Bay area or  for total spending over $5,000

Delivery Charge: 

HK Island &  Kowloon

Door to Door delivery   HK$300

Pick up from driver       HK $150

N.T. side

Door to Door delivery   HK$400

Pick up from driver       HK $200



Address: G/F, 2 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan

Central Kitchen: Flat 1B, 6/F, Hong Leong Industrial Complex, 4 Wang Kwong Rd, Kowloon Bay

Tel: 2505 0555 (Sheung Wan) / 3705 2418 (Kowloon Bay Kitchen)    Email:

General Restaurant Licence No: 2218812761      

Food Factory License Number:2951809293

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  La Casa Bistro - since 2012  

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(Kowloon Bay) : 35655708 / 3705 2418

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